TimMc’s Sandstorm server

Let me know if you want an account!

Note that this server is not yet productionized. See notes below. Backups are not fully in place, and uptime is still uncertain.


I’ve been working on reconfiguring this server for decent uptime and good security. Checklist maintained in repo.




Backups are now automated, though not monitored.


I repartitioned and reinstalled the server from the OS up.

I went over my setup notes and stripped out any extraneous services and past experiments, then stopped Sandstorm and created a backup. The drive is repartitioned with a relatively small OS partition and a larger encrypted partition where Sandstorm lives (both its own software and your data.) This ensures that when this hard drive is replaced, I will not need to ake any special steps to erase your data from the old one.

I have taken the first set of backups, but please do not rely on your data sticking around yet. I still have a lot of work to do around automated backups, availability monitoring, and security hardening.

Sorry for the unannounced interruption; I seized the opportunity to use a lazy Sunday to rebuild the server. Nothing short of a corrupted disk should cause such a large interruption in the future. I will also at some point announce a move to a different (permanent) domain name and will see if I can make that seamless, though no guarantees. Only after that point I will be attempting to run this server as a reliable resource.